Myra Dumapias

TCKID Executive Director


Myra brings to the TCK community an extensive background in nonprofit management, research and social work. After over 10 years of non-profit work and management experience, and 3 years in research, Myra decided to help TCK’s through her currently pro-bono work with TCKid. She teaches Social Work at the undergraduate level and incorporates awareness about the globally mobile family in her standards for cultural competency. Myra launched The Last Boarding Call, a resource for globally mobile families and individuals who may find themselves facing caregiving, disability and retirement issues, in recognition that support systems do not usually address the globally mobile aging process.

Daughter of a second generation career diplomat and Third Culture Adult mother born with itchy feet, her developmental years are colored with memories of walking on water in an imperial garden in Beijing, eating freshly made Roti for breakfast on Sundays in Kuala Lumpur, observing the human spirit of Romanian gypsies and revolutionaries in Bucharest, and the smell of bakeries in Hamburg. Her son, also a TCK, spent a part of his developmental years in Manama, Bahrain and different states in the U.S.

Erin Sinogba

TCKID Advisor and Admin


Erin Sinogba is an anthropologist, development worker, communications specialist, and passionate advocate of the environment and transnational communities. She has been an active volunteer with TCKid since 2009, where she has since taken on the position of Executive Assistant in 2010 and the Local Chapter Leader of TCKid Philippines since 2012. She also advocates for TCKs and other transnational people at TIGRA (Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Action) Philippines, where she started a program for transnational children and youth in the Philippines and currently serves as a Board member. Erin is a self-identified Filipino third culture kid who has lived in South Korea (where she was born), the Philippines, Grenada, and the U.S.A.