How do we operate and sustain these programs?


(paid staff positions contingent upon grant funding)

Are you who we’re looking for?


TCKid, A 501(c) (3) community based organization, needs people share our value of relationship building and our perspective that our efforts are part of a movement who:

  • Love to coordinate events for TCK’s / CCK’s around the world
  • Can help us connect to reliable volunteers in different cities
  • Have a heart for caregivers and other isolated populations
  • Can help us gather various types of past and current research on TCk’s/ CCK’s
  • Would like to help with fundraising and promoting our programs
  • Have web design and platform migration skills and experience
  • Would like to help put educational and entertaining content together TCKid is also looking for:
  • Corporate sponsors to fund specific projects or programs
  • Partners who can provide counseling and other services


For more information about getting involved, please contact