A developing program that will be providing support to a hidden population among TCK’s and CCK’s: the population of caregivers and the loved ones being cared for. This population is vulnerable to an added layer of isolation due to the commitments required by the caregiving role as well as the limiting disabilities or health conditions of the loved one being cared for.

In the TCK and CCK community, the caregiving-loved one relationship also has the potential to be affected by unresolved issues among family members with the backdrop of a global nomad past or lifestyle. There are also issues related to cultural expectations about the caregiving role, which is complex for TCK’s and CCK’s whose identity has never been simple or based on one set of cultural expectations.

TCKid will be developing a program to help this population and the journey involved with the caregiving role and life adjustments that come with aging and disabling health conditions.  The program will address the adjustment involved in how caregivers and the loved one being cared for arrive at this stage in life, the process of continued life adjustments for both the caregiver and the loved one, any unresolved relationship issues that may be stirred up, referral support for related health and economic factors, and if applicable, support for the end-of-life transition.  The goal of this program is to help make this period of life as resourced as possible to free this stage in life to have as many cherishable and enjoyable moments as possible.

This program is birthed in honor of the life of Evangeline Vitug Dumapias, Jan 27, 1945-March 15, 2014, life-long supportive spouse of career diplomat and retired Ambassador Rodolfo I. Dumapias, mother of a 2nd generation TCK and grandmother of a 3rd generation TCK;  A traveler since birth who maintained childlike faith and open arms to friends she adopted as extended brothers, sisters, sons and daughters worldwide;  A Third Culture Adult who accepted the pain of each painful goodbye to heartily look forward to the next hello.

For more information, please contact myradumapias@tckid.com